Executive Chef Ganesh Joshi

Vivanta Surajkund, NCR

Chef Ganesh chose the profession where his heart was, creating magic for the palate. While he had his shares of both good and bad moments, Ganesh Joshi has, over the years, proven why he is one of the best at what he does. After all, donning the garb of the Executive Chef of Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund at an early stage of career was not a small feat by any measures. His accomplishments in his 30 years of career not only set a high standard for his contemporaries in the F&B industry, but also set a good example for budding chefs  who look up to this profession with a passion to be the best.

Under the expert craftsmanship of Executive Chef Ganesh Joshi TADO, The Artisan and Deli Oven, a premier bakery house and one-stop-deli for exceptional gourmet food was introduced in Vivanta - Surajkund. The first of-its-kind in the city unwraps to offer authentic patisserie items which are available for takeaway, as well as dine-in options. This charming space is lined with gleaming glass cases filled with appetizing cakes, pastries, breads, cheese and charcuterie.

Artisanal Deli confers bespoke patisserie items personalized keeping in view ‘on-the-go’ contemporary lifestyles. In addition to the sweet delicacies, we offer snacks, salads and organic dips. This will elevate the casual dining options for the audiences in the vicinity area. Apart from serving delicatessens, the idea is to curate a space where students, youngsters, children and families can sit out for quick bites.

Executive Chef Ganesh Joshi said ”TADO creates high quality dough from the finest organic ingredients and offers secret enriching home grown recipes, ensuring that nothing less than the exceptional pastry and snacks is delivered. Use of organic elements in our recipes is the USP of all artisanal products offered like mix fiber-grain bread, multigrain as well as natural French baguette. TADO will also extend its menu to selected artisanal desserts and snacks tailor made for in-house as well as outdoor occasions.”

Q & A with Executive Chef Ganesh Joshi

1. The main influences that made me interested in food and cooking as a career...

  • Creating something from scratch.
  • The opportunities to transform a huge array of raw ingredients /produce and use once own  creativity to convert these into a palatable dish.
  • The prospect of playing with senses through flavors, taste, colors, texture .
  • The joy of experiencing happiness and satisfaction on the faces or of the consumer

2. My earliest memory in the kitchen ...

  • Filling masala dani, using mortar pestle and Sil batta for making aromatic pastes.
  • Coaxing and cajoling my dadi maa for her specialty halwa and peeking over her shoulder to discover the secret ingredients

3. My favourite  dish from childhood ...
Tikona paratha with  ande ki bhurji

4. My favorite dish to cook...
Grilled  prawns with fennel and onions

5. A cuisine that I want to learn...
The new dimensions of Italian and Spanish

6. My secret to great food...
Authenticity of origin  with  genuineness of  produce combined with dollops of passion

7. The last cookbook I bought...
50 great curries of India

8. A culinary show or movie that I love to watch...
Top Chef, Kitchen Confidential, Ratatouille, Cheeni Kum

9. In my free time, I would like to...
Organic Farming

10. My guilty pleasure...
Molten chocolate lava cake

11. I will describe my restaurant/hotel to a first time guest...
A destination where passion meets palate

12. 4-5 personal tips that I would like to share

  • Truthfulness to the cuisine
  • Selecting raw ingredients as per season
  • Understanding of temperature and technique
  • Use  correct  ingredients that inspire the dish
  • And lastly and importantly let child inside you work.