Executive Chef Sajesh Nair

Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

A progressive culinary professional with over 23 years of experience, chef Sajesh leads a dynamic team of culinary experts, at the  resplendent Taj Falaknuma Palace, known for his culinary creativity and passion for food, he cherishes Nizami royal cuisines of the palace ,with a touch of Persian and Iranian  expertise, and knowledge of regional Indian food  and international cuisines.

Prior to his current role, chef Sajesh was the executive chef of Taj Deccan, where he looked after  pan Asian restaurant syn,  coffee shop arena and south Indian fare at spice junxion, his experience comes from  being a part of the culinary  team of  Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai, where he has started his culinary journey in 1995.

At present, he spearheads the famed adaa restaurant, celeste restaurant and royal banqueting with his expert chefs.

Chef Sajesh s immense diverse expertise lies in Indian, middle-eastern  and  European food , his innate ability to understand flavors of varied cuisines With the profound knowledge and experience , allows him to create a royal experience for the  guests of the palace, he loves to explore new flavors by keeping the traditions intact, and experiment with his team to create new experiences.

Q & A with Executive Chef Sajesh Nair

1. The main influences that made me interested in food and cooking as a career..

Cooking was in my genes influenced by it from childhood

2. My earliest memory in the kitchen..

As a kid seeing my grandma make sweets by self-hand pounding rice, to being inspired when little later I visited the kitchens of Taj hotel..

3. My favourite dish to cook..

Lebanese kibbe

4. A cuisine that I want to learn..


5. My secret to great food..

Be respectful to ingredients and trust your instinct, develop knowledge for creating great food.

6. The last cookbook I bought or the last incident that has inspired you..

Book by ferran adria [el bulli],

7. A culinary show that I love to watch..

High way on my plate/ bizarre food show

8. In my  free time, I would like to..

Listen to music/watch movies/nature walk

9. The kind of adaptations I have had to make while combining two cuisines/palates/guest taste..

Patience  is the key to adapt while doing things differently, adding experience to it can complete it

10. My guilty pleasure..

Melting chocolate cakes, gooey nutty honey cookies

11. I will describe my restaurant/hotel to a first time customer..

Taj Falaknuma Palace is  the mirror of the sky, and adaa restaurant is a style, elegance and luxury that reflects on the cuisine served with royalty and great presentation, well researched royal Nizami cuisine served  with a style of rich opulence

12. My menu design....( what kind of research goes into its preparation, can you walk us through the process?)..

The menu designed at restaurant adaa  is created by researching on the historical aspects of the city, palace and its origin ,the rich dynasty who ruled, the nizams culture, eating habits, festivals ,climatic influence, the palaces age-old treasured recipes, interacting with royal family, referring to books from the palace library, visiting people connected with the nizams family and its royal kitchens, cooking styles methods, utensils, using of rich food perfumes called food ittar in food to enhance taste, recreating  royal kitchens spices in the authentic manner by using the correct blend, selection of the right ingredients.

13. My recommendations in my restaurant..

A dinner at the gol bungalow with chefs specially crafted 7 course royal palace menu.

14. What is the unique dining experience In your hotel.  How was this conceived..

Dining at the 101 tables with a brigade service, historically this table has been the highlight where royal banqueting dinners took place with great class and attentive brigade service.