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VANDAAG | Vivanta Pune, Hinjawadi

Vandaag is a Rooftop Bar and Grill at the Gateway Hotel, Hinjawadi, Pune, with an open to sky outdoor seating this is the only bar in Hinjawadi which is located at a 50 feet height with a pristine view of evolving Hinjawadi Skyline. Vandaag - youngest and most carefree destination is a perfect place to unwind post office hours. As the name Vandaag means one day in Dutch the food and beverage offerings are exclusively hand-picked from various Dutch colonies around the world. The 17 feet long bar concocts many variations of cocktails that range from a classic old-fashioned to a Spicy Granaatappel a combination of chilli infused whisky, pomegranate and peppercorns. There are also few concoctions that are made with local ingredients and are offered in uniquely designed Carafes. Our guests can also relish some of the mouth-watering delicacies such as Vandaag Chack-Nackers, Gosht Gilavat with Ulta-Tawa Parathas, Sushis etc. The grills offer unique choices such as – Goda Masale kar Murg Tikka, New Zealand Lamb Chops, Meat Platters, Seafood Platters etc.

  Continental and Grills

  1800 HRS to 2300 HRS

  +9166584000 |

  Vivanta Pune Hinjawadi Xion Complex, Wakad Road, Hinjawadi, Pune 411 057, Maharashtra, India


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