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Creo | Vivanta New Delhi, Dwarka

DELIGHT IN ALL-DAY DINING. MANY WORLDS IN ONE.SPECTACULAR SPACE. It's just around the corner from the lobby. An all-day dining space with an informal air. A modern all-day diner with an open interactive kitchen, with multi-level display kitchen counters, mood lighting, eclectic world music and three private dining spaces.Creo is one of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in Dwarka, New Delhi. Try Italian and Indian or if you prefer, Japanese fare at the dedicated Sushi bar and Teppanyaki counter.Many head here for the Five Tastes of Sea Bisque – a fusion of five seafood elements flambéed with cognac. Dive into the deep, delicate flavours of the ocean. The Sukiyaki hotpot is a community table favourite. The health conscious find the low GI and high-fibre breakfast a great starting point. The menu features a section of wellness food, gluten free food and dairy-free items, as well as a selection of comfort food.


  66003000 |

  Metro Station Complex, Sector 21, Dwarka 110075, India

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