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Two Treasure Dim Sum

By Executive Chef Agnimitra Sharma

Cooking Method

  • Boil all the vegetables.
  • Squeeze, chop and then mix them properly.
  • In a separate bowl season all the chopped vegetables.
  • Divide the Dim sum dough into equal size, stuff it with vegetables and give it a shape.
  • Now, steam in a steamer for 7 minutes.
  • Finally, garnish on top with red bell pepper and celery.
  • Now, serve it hot with dim sum dip.



  • 10 gram broccoli
  • 10grams carrot
  • 10 gram baby corn
  • 3 celery
  • 5 gram long bean
  • 10 gram cauliflower
  • 5 gram potato starch
  • 2 gram white pepper powder
  • 3 gram salt
  • 6 ml melted butter
  • 60 gram dim sum dough
  • 4 gram red bell pepper