Spinach and Ricotta Dumpling

By Executive Chef Elangovan Shanmugam

  • Tomato sauce: equal quantity of pelati (Italian tomato) and fresh tomato (blanched, deseed and chopped). Add olive oil. Cook together.
  • Spinach ricotta dumplings: blanch the spinach and put in chilled water. Squeeze out the water and chop finely. Drain out water from ricotta cheese. In a pan, add a tea spoon of olive oil and sauté garlic. Add chopped spinach till water evaporates. Season it and let it cool. Add crumbled ricotta cheese, nutmeg powder and lime zest. Shape it into balls.
  • In a greased pan, put 6 no’s of spinach ricotta dumplings and bake in oven at 180 Celsius. 
  • In a pan, add olive oil, garlic and onion. Sauté till it is translucent. Add in tomato sauce. Season it. Finish with basil leaves and mascarpone cheese. 
  • In a pasta dish, plate tomato and mascarpone fondue and dumplings. Garnish each dumpling with lime zest. Serve!


  • Ricotta cheese - 400 gm
  • Spinach - 1kg
  • Parmesan cheese - 120gm
  • Olive oil - 50ml
  • Onion - 100gm
  • Garlic - 50gm
  • Basil - 20gm
  • Mascarpone cheese - 60gm
  • Tomato sauce - 200gm
  • Salt - 16gm
  • Black pepper - 5 gm
  • Nutmeg - 2gm
  • Lime - 2no