Beetroot Ravioli

By Executive Chef Subrata Debnath


For the ravioli
1.    Boil the beetroot properly until tender. Do not overcook.
2.    Using a mandolin, thinly slice the boiled beetroot.
3.    Using a round cutter or mould, cut out neat rounds of the beetroot slices.
4.    For the stuffing combinethe goat cheese and truffle oil in a bowl and mix well.
5.    Place small amounts of the filling on the beetroot slices and fold in half-moon shapes and seal.
6.    Blanch the ravioli.

For the sage butter emulsion
1.    Sauté chopped onions with a knob of butter in a pan until translucent.
2.    Add a splash of wine and sage.
3.    Add the butter and the stock together and stir properly until emulsified on slow heat.

For the beetroot jam
1.    Chop some of the boiled beetroot and mix with chopped braised onions and seasoning.
2.    Toss the beetroot in sage butter emulsion.

To serve
1.    Place the beetroot ravioli on a bed of beetroot jam.
2.    Garnish with specks of goats cheese and juliennes of fresh beetroot.


For the ravioli and beetroot jam

  • Beetroot - 02 no.s
  • Goat’s  cheese - 30 gm
  • Truffle oil    Few drops

For the sage butter emulsion

  • Chopped onion - 20 gm
  • Fresh sage - 15 gm
  • White wine - 20 ml
  • Butter - 50 gm
  • Vegetable stock - 15 ml