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Taj Palace, Delhi NCR

Navratra Celebrations

Masala Art | Taj Palace, Delhi NCR

This Navratri, embark on a soul-satisfying culinary journey as you experience the union of flavours and tradition. Join us as a riveting collection of vegetarian succulence takes over Masala Art.

Special Navratri Thali: INR 2750 plus taxes per person

Chaas / Lassi
Freshly churned butter milk
Kacche Kele Aur Sabudane Ki Tikki
Raw banana, sago, peanut gallettes
Mawe Aur Mewe Ke Kofte
Cottage cheese, reduced milk, dry fruit dumplings in rich gravy
Arbi Ka Rassa
Colocasia simmered in a light gravy with Indian spices
Khatta Meetha Kaddu
Sautéed pumpkin mash, flavoured with dry mango powder and a hint of sugar
Singhade Ki Kadhi
Water chestnut flour and yogurt curry, tempered with ghee and cumin
Pudina Samak Chawal
Barnyard millet tempered with mint, cumin and peanuts
Rajgira Ki Poori
Deep-fried puffed bread of amaranth flour
Dumplings of sweetened whole milk fudge

  Price Per Person | INR 2750 & Taxes extra

  Cuisines: Indian - North, Vegetarian

  17 Oct 2020 - 25 Oct 2020 | All Days

  Lunch | 12:30 - 15:00
      Dinner | 19:00 - 23:30

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