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Taj Bengal, Kolkata proudly introducing Master Chef Jiayu Yang from Beijing,having an experience of over 30 years, in Beijing, Vietnam, and India, Chef is here in chinoiserie, creating magic with his unique signatures.Master of both the Schezuan and Cantonese styles, his steams and stir fries are distinctive in flavour and texture.
From the simplicity of home style, with his mother’s recipes to the more exotic, he aims to woo the city with his authentic Chinese food.
We launch the master strokes with an aim to reveal the diversity of Chinese food in the midst of gratifying and elegant ambiance, our Chef welcomes all to encounter tastes that can scarcely be found anywhere around. As he always says with a smile “a truly fine meal can be enjoyed not once but thrice - in anticipation, in consumption and in remembrance.

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  Cuisines: Chinese

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