Soak up the splashing coastal waves of The Konkan Café

Konkan Café | Vivanta by Taj - President, Mumbai

Mumbai, famous for its neverending hustling life, leaves its dwellers with a wistful desire to wander around the coast. The striking coast, which stretches from Konkan to far south, has always been one of our favourite escapes, especially for its flavoursome food.

The Konkan Café, offers that immersive escape. A sense of enchantment overwhelms you as soon as you enter the restaurant. Re-launched in November 2013 with a dramatic makeover and a defining image of the southern coast, the renewed restaurant is a spectacular 2,200-sq.-ft. space that can comfortably seat more than 80 guests. Its well-equipped 1,800-sq.-ft. kitchen truly boasts of excellence. Though revamped in its look, it still maintains its original essence and retains the much-loved residential (courtyard-verandah) concept. You can feel heartfelt passion poured into the most minute design elements, which have been sourced right from Alibaug in Maharashtra to Kasargod, Kerala, all coming together to render an authentic touch.

As you walk in, you witness the splendour of hand carved rosewood panels akin to the carvings found in ancient South Indian Thiruvananthapuram temples. The décor also encompasses elegant interiors with magnificent intricate jute designs and wood carvings all over its furniture. The flooring flaunts typical mosaic with an Indo-Portuguese influence and an elaborate pattern in sunshine yellow that are commonly found in Goan homes.

The experience of dining at The Konkan Café is always unique. You have the choice to sit at the verandah-styled furniture, or under the recreated "open sky", where the mood lighting changes from day to night, making each visit a special memory.

The splendid live cooking at the open kitchen located in the middle of the restaurant makes for a capturing visual treat that stimulates your senses. Mirroring royalty, the kitchen has terracotta tiles engraved with coins from the ancient Vijaynagari dynasty.

The tantalising menu crafted by Chef Ananda Solomon offers exquisite cuisine with delicious flavours that are served in a cultural atmosphere. Added to your delight is the service by polite, cheerful and knowledgeable staff members. You can begin a perfect weekend at The Konkan Café with their ‘The Big Indian Breakfast’ that offers a menu that extends from Palakkad to Alibaug and Mumbai. For the mains, it includes trademark dishes that spread from the Malabar region to the beautiful Konkan. The celebrations are complete with the restaurant’s extensive wine list that includes the best from all over the world.

Refreshing food from the coast with a magnificently-designed décor enthrals you to experience a wonderful escape from your mundane life. A taste of rich traditional cuisine, in an atmosphere that echoes the culture — that’s a promise from The Konkan Café to you.

  Lobby Level

  11:00 to 23:45

  +91 22 6665 3366 Extension: 3275