Anglo-Indian Cuisine

Relive and Relish the Old-World Victorian Charm

Ooty-This beautiful botanical paradise was first brought to the public eye by John Sullivan, Collector of Coimbatore district in 1819. Since then many British Officers and their families made Udagamandalam their home and contributed in overall culture and other related aspects of Ooty. In the countrywide scenario, British crown had a commercial presence in India beginning in 1612 and established a trade monopoly there by the mid-1700s. This also meant that thousands of Britons lived in sweltering India, hankering for the foods of home. 

Among all European traders, Nilgiris saw, the British stayed the longest; their influence was naturally even deeper. When it came to food, we managed to strike a good barter too. They got us breads and we introduced them to an array of spices. The Anglo-Indian cuisine, thus, became a mishmash of both the worlds and it is the delicious result of the British Raj in India. Indian Khansamas (cooks) took aspects of British cuisine and amalgamated them with Indian methods of cooking, spices, ingredients to create this delectable fare. 

This cuisine was truly celebrated and embraced in colonial institutions like Gentleman's Clubs, Railway Kitchens and Army Messes. The relationship between colonisers and the colony may have been a hostile affair otherwise, but in terms of food, both the parties were way more embracing. The British settlers had to re-imagine a lot of their classics, retaining both the British flavors and making room for all that this new land had to offer. Certain Indian dishes were also tweaked according to their palate. Indian cooks of British housewives played a huge role into curating what we see today as Anglo-Indian cuisine. 

There are soups tempered with cumin and red chillies, roasts cooked in whole spices like cloves, pepper and cinnamon, rissoles and croquettes flavored with turmeric and garam masala. Now, over the years, Anglo-Indian cuisine has become more Indian than British.

Savoy with a distinguished and glorious epicurean credentials as an iconic hotel of Nilgiris since 1841 (It was established in 1829 and for first 12 years, it operated as school for British children) has witnessed the various genres of Anglo-Indian cuisine, the Culinary Team of Savoy have presented an incredible repertoire of celebrated dishes from past which takes you back in bygone era of ever-charming Victorian style of gastronomic experience.

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