Executive Sous Chef Amit Rana

Taj Palace, New Delhi NCR

Executive Sous Chef Amit Rana is part of the prestigious gastronomic team at Taj Palace, New Delhi, that has won many accolades. Self-motivated with a strong commitment to build lasting relationships, Chef Rana brings to the team, international experience spanning 16 years working with a myriad brands including Norwegian cruise (NCL, Miami), Marriott (Dublin, Ireland), Hyatt, IHG, Taj, Oberoi and Imperial Hotel (New Delhi).
Chef Rana holds a unique forte of combining an eye for detail and a vision for the larger picture. With his penchant for delicate flavours, he has been pivotal in menu development, cost control, facility planning, right sizing and managing daily operations. He believes a team that works together, can innovate together. Placing premium on teamwork, Chef Rana has been a natural motivator, tireless team builder, and effective communicator, whose colleagues can attest to his ability to remain calm under pressure. The highly-travelled Chef Rana sets the highest standards for himself, thus naturally expecting only the most consistent and superlative work from the team.
A fervent supporter of work-life balance, Chef Rana knows that the happiest colleagues are the best ones to have. 

Q & A with Executive Sous Chef Amit Rana

1. The main influences that made me interested in food and cooking as a career.
I have childhood memories of celebrating all the festivals making all delicacies at home. My mother and grandmothers would get together making all festival delights and that made me interested in food. The passion that I had from childhood, today I have made it as my career.
2. My earliest memory in the kitchen and my favourite dish from childhood.
My earliest memory in the kitchen was making sweets with the family in the kitchen; sweets like Gujia for Holi and other sweets during the 3 day full family festival of Diwali.

3. My favourite dish to cook.
Spanish Paella

4. A cuisine that I want to learn.
Portuguese and Brazilian

5. My secret to great food.
Detailing in selection of quality of ingredients used along with patience of slow cooking and cooking with love.
6. The last cookbook I bought.
The Culinary Bible by Karen A. Page

7. A culinary show or movie that I love to watch.
Chef’s Table on Netflix

8. In my free time I would like to…
Travel and explore new places, food or exotic locals to find newer inspiration to create magic in food.

9. The kind of adaptations I have had to make while combining two cuisine.
I personally do not recommend combining 2 cuisines. Inspirations can be drawn from different cuisines to create a dish but combining 2 palates may dilute the sanctity of a particular cuisine.

10. My guilty pleasure…
Chillis and Chocolate

11. I will describe my restaurant/hotel to a first time customer as…
The one place where you can possibly get a taste of all cuisines from across the world. From Chinese in Spicy Duck to World Classic Cuisines at Capital Kitchen to European at the legendary Orient Express to a mid - day English maharaja high tea at Tea Lounge and a burst of very light yet subtle flavours of our homegrown Indian Cuisine at Masala Art.

12. My menu design.... What kind of research goes into its preparation? Can you walk us through the process?
The Menu design creation is a mammoth task and needs very high efficiency and attention to detail. It begins with a concept or thematic creation, identifying expertise of skills, sourcing of authentic ingredients followed by research based on internal workshops and trial and error creations of recipes, documentation of theories and practical creation of recipes, presentation done on paper detailing and plating tactics with the final trails with photography for exact detailing and then final menu creation on paper along with food trails.

13. My recommendations in your restaurant(s).
Capital Kitchen:
- Nasi Goreng
- Wood Fried Ovan Pizza and
- Rotisserie chicken
Spicy Duck:
- Steamed Pork Belly, Chinese cabbage minced garlic yunan style
- Thousand layer seafood puff

Masala Art:
- Methi murg
- Peepaywale Choley

14. 4-5 personal tips that I would like share with our guests.

  • Love and respect for ingredients.
  • Trust your food instincts.
  • Give the Alfresco of Capital Kitchen a visit, you would definitely end up having a meal there.
  • Try Peking Duck at Spicy Duck.
  • Never encourage food wastage and encourage sustainability.