The Taj has been a pioneer in showcasing traditional Indian culinary techniques as well as experimenting at the very vanguard of global gastronomical trends. Now familiar flavour profiles – the fieriness of Schezwan Chinese, the subtlety of delicately sliced sashimi – were introduced and popularised at the Taj. Our Michelin starred chefs have redefined traditional Indian food in the global imagination and then returned to home shores to dazzle Mumbai and Delhi diners with their exquisitely crafted six-course meals.

Now the Taj brings you an unparalleled dining experience as our highly renowned signature restaurants travel across the country from July through October. Come join us.

Karavalli from The Gateway Hotel, Bangalore is a household name in the south for its authentic recipes, locally sourced ingredients and a careful adherence to traditional techniques developed in home kitchens of local communities of the Mangalorean and Konkan coasts. Taj Bengal, Kolkata is excited to present this iconic menu from 16th - 20th of August with Chef Naren Thimmaiah.

This culinary trail will feature delicacies such as Attirachy Ularthu – lamb cubes, cooked with onion, tomato and fresh local spices from Travancore, Karavalli Mutton Curry – a South Canara specialty with finely ground local spices thickened with cashew paste and coconut milk, or Gatti Shaavige Payasa - creamy vermicelli pudding served with a caramel sauce.

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